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April 2016

BP16conf Prague

January 2015




basics for medical translators 1: medical terminology

basics for medical translators 2: EMA templates

basics for medical translators 3: cardiovascular System

 October 2014



MedTranslate, 3rd-5th October, 2014, Freiburg, Germany

international conference for medical & pharma translation professionals

parts of the programme I attended:

Alessandra Martelli
“writing and translating medical for the general public: principles, challenges and approaches”

Marion Alzer & Susanne Geercken
“finding your way through the pharmaceutical text jungle: a guided tour”

Matthias Heyn
“productivity considerations for the medical translator: a tools perspective”

Katarzyna E. Slobodzian-Taylor 
“ITI medical & pharmaceutical network”

Karen Leube
“translating and copy-editing scholarly books and articles in the field of medicine”

Emma Goldsmith
“EMA templates and terminology”

Anne Murray
“strategies for fast and efficient corpus building and mining”

Jacob de Wolff
“Wikipedia and healthcare information”

Pharmaceutical tour at the German Museum, 11th October, 2014, Munich, Germany

Meeting of the BDÜ medical translators 


In 2014 I have recently been accepted as a team member by the BDÜ specialist group of medical translators and I was so happy to get to know my colleagues within a pharmaceutical tour at the German Museum.

BDÜ members - medical translators




October 2013




Beauty Forum Munich, Europe's largest cosmetics exhibition in autumn

- with Boris Entrup